Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (insolvent liquidation or CVL)

Expertise handling liquidations for companies of all sizes

Liquidations are a mechanism to bring a company to a close, and we have years of experience handling the many types of liquidations available.

Given that CVAs are used to bring an insolvent company to a close, we understand how stressful it can be when a company is in distress – especially when it is irrecoverable. Fortunately for businesses who need us, we have a team of liquidation specialists who are able to assist and support your directors through difficult times.

The importance of reaching out

Liquidation brings about the end of a business and it is therefore imperative that directors of distressed businesses make contact as early as possible to maximise the range of options available and potentially avoid the need for a liquidation.

A Compulsory Liquidation is a liquidation commenced by an application to the Court for a Winding Up Petition (made by the Directors, Shareholders or creditors).

This process is typically solicitor-led, but the application can include a nomination for a specific Insolvency Practitioner like KRE. We’re experienced acting as liquidators in Compulsory Liquidations, and have also assisted Directors in making applications to Court for winding up on a “just and equitable” basis where the board of directors is at an impasse.

Member Voluntary liquidations

Please note, Member Voluntary liquidations, also known as Solvent Liquidations, are covered separately here

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What our clients think

“I met with KRECR when I was considering putting my business up for sale at the start of this year. They were recommended to me by my accountant. As I had a considerable sum of money in my business I need to ensure that my needs were covered and that the company providing the service was professional and trustworthy. I would say not only are they both of these things they went over and above in all aspects through out our dealings. They were consistent and took my calls mails and queries with a prompt friendly response. I would not hesitate to talk to anyone or provide written recommendations anytime.”

Linda Symons, Company Director