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Administration is a rescue procedure which can be commenced by either the Directors, a floating charge holder or creditors.

If the process is led by the directors, it is typically commenced with an application to the Court to enter Administration, which will then protect you against creditor action and give you vital breathing space to consider your options.

How does the process work?

Prior to making the application the directors will work alongside the company’s debenture holders (usually its Bank) and the nominated Insolvency Practitioner, who will have to be approved by the Bank.

The purpose of these Pre-Administration meetings is to set out the strategy that is to be implemented once the Administrators are appointed.

Throughout the course of the Administration, Licensed Insolvency Practitioners become responsible for managing the day to day activities of your business while working towards preventing further decline in your company’s financial position.

What are options?

The two most common types of Administration are a Trading Administration and a Pre-packaged Administration. Our directors will explain these two process in detail and will assist in determining the best approach for your company.

Once the Administration objectives are achieved, a number of options then remain which will be discussed with the Joint Administrators.

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What our clients think

“When presented with the opportunity to acquire a business in the UK through a pre-pack Administration process, Paul Ellison and KRE were recommended to Willis Lease as advisors. We could not have completed the transaction in the abbreviated timeframe provided without the help of the team at KRE. Their wealth of experience with UK Administration was readily apparent and was invaluable in assisting us in navigating the challenging UK legislation which is wholly unfamiliar to us as an U.S. based corporation. Paul was willing to provide advice, make recommendations and to take the lead in dealings with the seller, when necessary. We are extremely grateful to KRE for their commitment that ultimately made our transaction a success!”

Preston Sutter, Willis Lease Finance Corporation