Independent Business Reviews (IBR)

A tailored review of your business performance

Before any corporate decision can be taken to deal with a company’s distress, it is vital that the Board and all stakeholders understand not only the operational side of the business, but also the financial position of the company.

This becomes even more paramount in an underperforming business when considering available options. It is also imperative that all options are considered, and the implications understood.

In-depth business, solvency and options reviews

We provide insightful, tailored reports built around the specific circumstances of the relevant case; the scope will be agreed with the Board of Directors prior to the commencement of work to ensure a product which has the required valuable deliverable. All business reviews are led by a Director of KRE Corporate Recovery, with the support of relevant team members where required.

Although no two business reviews are the same, it will typically assess the past trading performance of the business, analyse the current position and provide available options.

We then move on to assessing those available options and forecasting various scenarios with suitable sensitivity analysis. The report will be presented to and agreed with the board.

Aside from being a valuable tool for the Board to understand the current position of their company and the available options, the report will often be used as a presentation tool by the Board to many of the company’s stakeholders including lenders, banks and major creditors when seeking funding or support.

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What our clients think

“You helped everyone including Wokingham Borough Council to see the seriousness of the situation, the result of which was an agreed rescue plan. Although not out of the woods yet, we have survived another six months with Wokingham Borough Council’s help, which in no small way was down to your help.”

Alan Leason (Finance Director), Woodley Age Concern