Envigen Limited – in liquidation

5th April 2024

Paul Ellison and David Taylor of KRE Corporate Recovery Limited were appointed as Joint Liquidators of Envigen Limited on 19 December 2023, a waste management and recycling company.

The Joint Liquidators are seeking bids for the Company’s Cable Recycling Line, that will possibly need to be relocated on purchase.

Eldan Recycling A/S Cable Recycling Line comprising (but not limited to):

  • Eldan Recycling SC2118 FD220 super chopper/ pre-shredder (2022);
  • Feldingbjerg 8.0MK box feeder (2022);
  • Eldan Recycling MPR200HD multi purpose rasper (2022);
  • Bunting HISC-100-32645 high intensity separation conveyor (2022);
  • 3 x Eldan Recycling FG1504 fine granulators (2022);
  • 3 x Westrup C26 separation tables (2022);
  • 3 x Westrup PC-1250 classifiers/ screens (2022);
  • Guidetti Reco Mill 50 turbo mill (2022);
  • Eldan Recycling PC-12 sieve/ fine sand shaker;
  • Complete with all associated equipment including air filtration system, controls etc.

Interested parties should sign an NDA which can be found here and return to Chris Errington. Best and final offers for the equipment are required by 5pm on 30 April 2024.

If you require any further information please contact Chris Errington or alternatively call us on 01189 47 90 90.

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