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KRE Corporate Recovery : About Us


The 4 steps to corporate recovery

Step 1: Understanding your business

Through a series of free meetings, we will ask you all about your company history and background so we have a full understanding of your business. In a large proportion of cases, we can find a way forward without any charge.

Step 2: Identifying the issues

Once we understand your company we’ll focus on the current issues so we can ascertain their severity.

We’ll also need to understand the potential impact of the situation on the company’s Bank, shareholders and other related parties. We’ll also talk at length about your future so we can find a solution that not only fits the business but also works for you on a personal level. It is our aim to secure the future of your family, as well as the future of your business.

Step 3: Options review

Once we understand your situation, we’ll explore all avenues and come back to you with a range of tailored options for discussion.

As well as ensuring that you are fully aware of what’s involved with each option, we’ll take you through the pros and cons of each one so you can make an informed decision. If required, we can also attend partner/management meetings to present to your stakeholders.

Step 4: Implementation

Upon agreement on the way forward, we’ll use our experience and expertise to complete the entire process on your behalf, including engagement and negotiation with relevant parties. We will, of course, keep you informed of progress at each and every stage.

KRE Corporate Recovery : A New Start

A new start: An insolvency process is not necessarily the end. We explore a whole range of options to find a solution for all stakeholders that could ultimately result in a new start for the business.

KRE Corporate Recovery : A Tailored Solution

A tailored solution: Workable solutions that take the interest of all parties into account, whether it’s shareholders, stakeholders, secured lenders or major unsecured creditors.

KRE Corporate Recovery : Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind: As well as easing the pressure that comes as a result of fire fighting when a business is in distress, we’ll take care of all aspects of your business, giving you the clarity you need to make an informed decision.

KRE Corporate Recovery : A Secure Family Future

Secure family future: We understand the extent to which corporate distress can impact you and your family, so where possible we’ll always take your personal situation into account.